Total Bliss is about being you in every aspect of life. About going after your dreams, being ambitious, and supporting those around you. It's standing together through life and making it as beautiful as it can be through adventure and love.



Meet Erika

My name is Erika Bellitt and I created Total Bliss so that a community can be built around our passions and achieving our goals in life, fitness, and in love.  I believe that we all are capable of achieving our goals with the support of one another. 

I am a hopeless romantic who loves till it hurts and loves to love. I am an event coordinator, a fitness junky, a social butterfly, a travel seeker, and a supporter of my beautiful Santa Barbara community. I live by quotes and express myself through music. My therapy is being active and sweating out my stress, worries, and fears.  I believe everything happens for a reason and not one person can make us happy until we are happy with ourselves.  

I am excited to create a space to share items I love, other boss babes talents, and support one another in whatever life throws at us!

Wellness & Beauty


Beauty means something different to everyone, but to me it is about be authentically you and loving the body you live in. Finding balance between the day to day and feeling good about you. 



Fashion is finding the deals that rock your style and having a closest to fulfill all occasions. It can be as simple as a classic tee and jeans or a killer dress on sale! 



We should all be striving to create a lifestyle that satisfies our needs and wants and fills our cup to the fullest. Grabbing inspiration from others or just loving our own create side in each and every day.